I’m the entity most anime blogging peeps know as Landon, or maybe aMainCharacter over on Twitter. I used to blog over at Mecha-Guignol, but I shuttered my activity over at site last year after a year of inactivity before that. My blogging co-conspirator, Updatedude, has posted over there a few times since then, but for awhile there I just wasn’t in the right mood/mindset/spiritual state of being/whatever to be writing much of anything. That’s slowly come back over the past year or so. I started posting movie reviews over at Letterboxd, and for awhile that scratched the itch. Now I’m feeling “it” again, and forced myself to start a new blog. I’m hoping the fresh start gets me out of my writing funk. That’d be cool.

As far as I go:

I’m just some “old” nerd looking at turning 40 sometime in 2018. Been watching anime since the dinosaur days of VHS fansubs and buying stuff from Suncoast and comic book stores at prices most would scoff at now. I used to religiously play video games, but the move towards cinematic-like storytelling and the bullshit Gamergate-like toxicity of the “culture” has turned me off for the most part. That energy has been directed mostly towards table top gaming, something I’ve always done, but do even more now that video games aren’t much of a thing for me anymore. I see movies in the theater at least once a week. By myself usually, because I consider talking in movies a mortal sin. If you call playing D&D and board games several nights a week a social life, then mine’s booming. If you don’t, then my social life died decades ago. Say a eulogy either way.

I have delusions of being some sort of neo-pulp short story writer, but the energy for that has yet to return. Until then, I have a contract-by-contract job working in the standardized testing industry got fired from my job in the standardized testing industry at the beginning of the year and am looking for something new to do with my life. Oh boy, the stories I could tell y’all about that. But I can’t. I’d have to kill you. Maybe I’ll tell those stories. Probably not. Eh.

I’m an anarchist at heart who grudgingly agrees more with the left establishment since they tend to be the lesser of two evils. I wanna tell them all to fuck off, but I recognize that you need certain systems in place to make sure people don’t get exploited and killed by The Powers That Be. But they call still fuck off, because said systems are usually there just to placate rather than actually help. Gotta take what you can, though. I love conspiracy radio, even though most of it is nonsense and they lean way too far in the right wing prepper/nationalist direction. We need more leftist types talking about lizard people and the secret space program. Bigfoot need not be a Republican.

I often daydream that I’m the descendant of some ancient alien race, and I was placed on Earth as some sort of kharmic punishment for the deeds of my ancestors. I’m adopted, so it makes sense to me.

I’ve probably rambled on too much here. Eh, whatever. Let’s all watch weird-ass anime and movies and cartoons, play mind-burning board games, roll for initiative, and have fun and stuff.