After a bit of a hiccup where the post didn’t appear properly, my Ronin review is up over at The Fandom Post. This is one that I dug at the time, but it’s really appreciated over time in my mind.

Couple of thoughts not addressed in my review:

  1. This may be Robert DeNiro’s last genuinely good movie, unless we count that Rocky and Bullwinkle movie where he played Fearless Leader.
  2. Jean Reno is awesome, and I’m still mad he was a bad guy in the first Mission Impossible movie. Way to not get his charm, Brian DePalma.
  3. David Mamet wrote this, and he also wrote and directed another grimy, trust no one crime movie: Spartan. Y’all should check that out sometime. It’s awesome.
  4. More proof that Sean Bean only dies in terrible movies/TV shows. He doesn’t die here, and he doesn’t die in Silent Hill.
  5. It’s pretty messed up that they kill Katarina Witt.

Anyway, here’s the review.

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