Devilman Crybaby 7

The “excuse” given for the lack of Disclosure, Revelation, and what have you is always “humanity can’t handle the truth.” If we found out aliens existed, we’d panic. Religious systems would be rejected. Common morality and order would be thrown out the window. The notion is that we’d abandon everything held true because one aspect of that truth is revealed to be an outright, deliberate lie.

If there’s truth to this notion, I think it’s because we don’t know how to handle getting what we actually want. As a species, we’re conditioned to go wanting. We may get some degree of comfort from fulfilling goals, but we rarely achieve those personal moments of revelation. We might get a promotion, but we never become the head of the company or department, and those that do usually have greater ambitions than that. We’re always at least one or two steps away from the goal line when we withdraw from the race, and the longer we race the further we push the goal line out.

Just one more turn.

So if we did have that moment where aliens or angels or whatever descended upon Earth, maybe we would freak out on a global level. That would be a definitive ending to one train of human thought– one of the big questions answered in full– and seeing that the end isn’t actually The End, we may panic and attempt to cannibalize ourselves.

Those that see hope and resilience are those who still have questions to be answered. Those that see it as the finale may want a true finale on some subconscious level and will act to ensure that happens.

Ryo is the latter. He truly believes humanity is that lowly, and sees this as the obvious conclusion. Akira still has questions, and still doubts the purpose of it all, and therefore holds out hope.

Hope is the willingness to have doubt. Giving up or ending things deliberately only happens when you’re sure you know the answer.

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