Devilman Crybaby 6

The UFO crowd calls it Disclosure. Christianity calls it Revelations. The Price is Right calls it The Showcase Showdown. It’s the final scene where all truths are revealed to everyone involved, all proof of existence is laid bare, and the final winners and losers are parsed out before the grand finale. It isn’t just the final goal, it’s often the only goal worth mentioning. Everything before it is nothing, and there is no afterglow. You were right. The End. Roll credits.

There is no meaning in many belief systems, organizations, events, etc without its particular Showcase Showdown. The UFO crowd isn’t content with a personal belief in craft and beings from another planet. I’ve had a UFO siting. I believe I saw a craft of unknown origin that wasn’t easily explained away. It’s proof to me that there’s something more to the phenomenon than Coast to Coast, truck driver tall tales,. and tinfoil stereotypes. But that’s a personal moment of release, where only my own curiosities are satiated. The true believers need to evangelize and ensure that everyone experiences the same revelation. It isn’t enough to personally connect with God or win your personal Showcase. All must see the truth. All must know who came closest without going over. Without sharing in that truth, there is no truth to the true believer.

It isn’t enough that Akira and Ryo fight to keep down the threat of devils. Ryo needs everyone in the world to experience that moment of Revelation, both senses of the word. It isn’t the end of the world without everyone knowing who goes home with the proverbial new car (tax not included).

Or maybe everyone overbids.

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