Devilman Crybaby 4

Perhaps our greatest sin as humans is the perpetuation of life at all costs.

We don’t actually value existence– the act of living and perceiving the world. What we value is the appearance of such. It’s the act of seeing breaths leave one’s lips and hearing heartbeats in one’s chest that we place upon a pedestal. Quality of life is irrelevant– whether one wants to actually exist is immaterial– all that matters is that a life is brought into the world, that life continues, and those who see that life happening continue to see it transpire as long as possible.

Society abhors suicide. Those who assist in it are criminals in the eyes of most beliefs. Those lingering in death-like mental states are placed on machines and have tubes rammed into their bodies to create the illusion of existence. Aborting unborn children who may never experience happiness is seen as a virtue while raising taxes to support those children who do exist is seen as immoral. The value placed on life has nothing to do with actually living and everything to do with the capacity to be a statistic. Can you be perceived to be alive? Can a census check box be marked? Can your existence be calculated for others’ purposes? If so, then it must be preserved at all costs– especially if it means furthering your suffering.

If you’re nothing but an agonized face buried in the belly of a demon, or nothing but writhing bonito flakes mimicking living flesh, you matter more than a life well lived and ready to move on to whatever lies beyond. They say your suffering is just and your desire to end your suffering is not.

Only a Devilman has the strength to consume those flakes in order to create your peace.

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