Devilman Crybaby 3

God creates. Man is created in God’s image. It is the capacity to create that is God’s image.

Creation isn’t the perpetuation of the species. Any animal can make a baby, raise it to age, and let it loose on the world. It’s an act of creation, but it is an act of creating a separate entity with its own will, and no matter how much you influence that child, it will always be its own person. A child is created just as much in its own image as it is the image and DNA of its parents.

Divine creation is creating something wholly of yourself. Influences will always be there, and their cultural lineage can be traced with ease, but the end product is not something with its own will. Even when others experience a story, song, image, or whatever, and add their own interpretations upon it, the “intent” of the creator still exists untouched and unchanged.

The rappers in the opening scene of this episode speak about embracing their art and rejecting the consumptive and destructive forces of the world around them. Weapons and drugs and sexual acts are creations of mankind, but they’re creations that act to destroy those who consume them. The devils of Devilman are shown to revel in these creations. Being devils– fallen angels– they’re incapable of creating because angels are not created in God’s image, but they take pleasure in twisting humanity’s creations and using them to fuel self-destruction of our species.

Perhaps the true concept of sin is allowing our divine aspects to be used for purpose completely counter to their intent. And those rappers are a Greek chorus singing of those pure intents while the rest of the characters fall into sin in their various ways.

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